Have you booked you place for the Ulsters Champs for the 15/16th November ???
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October 2014

26th - Gortin IOM racing in Northern Ireland.

September 2014

29th - follow Jeff’s progress at the 2014  Euro champs  on twitter at @irishIOMclass

22nd - 2014 Ulster championships 15-16th November at Lough Money in Northern Ireland is now open for registration - register now online

21st -  Documents for the 2014 Ulster and Celtic Challenge now available. NOR, accommodations

August 2014

10th - Jeff will represent Ireland at the European Championships in Italy Lake Garda in September - Bon Vent Jeff - see the article on afloat

June 2014

15th -  Deadline to enter the EU championships in Italy (Lake Garda) is 27th June - We have 2 places - Let’s hope that at least one of us can go. Let me know ASAP.

10th - UK Woodies Champs were on this weekend - we have 2 entries with Brian and Neill - We wish you the best ! Show us proud !

May 2014

10th - some further minor improvements in links and designs.

April 2014

24th - some minor design and content updates throughout the site

22th - Belfast Waterworks Model club link now added to our links page

14th - new article on afloat

8h - New blog articles and new pictures in the gallery

March 2014

25th - results and race report of Paisley Open now on afloat

24th - results and race report out on Yacht and Yachting here

20th - Gilbert Louis, Neil Suitor and Brian O’Nieill will be competing at Paisley Open in Scotland on the 22nd of March - We wish them good results.

7th - Cocktoo 08 for sale

1st - winter series day 5 in HYC

February 2014

16th - report and race results of Winter series day 4

January 2014

6th - Report, results of HYC Combined Winter Series Day 1

2nd - Happy New Year to all Irish IOM sailors !

December 2013

2nd - Launch of our blog for news & articles

November 2013

22nd - IOM Ireland now on twitter @irishIOMclass - Please add this address when twitting about the IOM activity in Irleand

19th - article now available on Yacht & Yachting

18th - Report, video and results of Howth YC Regatta now available.

11th - nice pics of a French National Regatta here and here

6th - report of the Ulster champs now on afloat here

5th - report of the Ulster champs now on Y&Y here

3rd - Report of day 1 and results of the Ulster championships now available here

October 2013

22nd - IOM Ireland association now on facebook !

21st - Dedicated page for the Catsails Ulster champ and Celtic trophy being built as we speak - follow on  tweeter #IOMUC2013

20th - 2013 Ulster IOM Champhionship and First event of the new Celtic Trophy is coming to our shores. Lough Money, near Downpatrick will be the location where sailors from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland will be competing on the weekend of the 2nd & 3rd of November. See Press Release

19th - Congrats to Rob Walsh (UK) recently crowned 2013 World Champion, Marko Matic (CRO) 2nd and Soren Andresen (DEN) for their podium position at the 2013 Worlds in Israel. Results here

12th - 2013 IOM World Championships racing starts tomorrow - Allez les Francais ;-)


Brian is putting the final touches on what promises to be a fantastic event in Lough Money on the 2nd & 3rd of November - More to come on this very soon but we need a good turnout as we’ll face the scottish sailors there which promise to give us great racing.

Most of us in the Dublin area are busy racing bigger boat as part of the Howth YC Autumn League which finishes on the 19th - Planning a training session in HYC as soon as possible.

Also new boats are being built as we speak which should see the water in the coming months

September 2013

Not much happening on the water apart from some training session in Howth YC. More was done in the background to organise some of the up coming events.

August 2013

2nd - uploaded my latest but first on-board video with a camera on the back of my V6. Not bad but I think I need to build another platform to have the camera further back for a better view of the entire boat. For now the camera was mounted on a carbon fibre plate I built. This video was of yesterday tune up session in HYC. See it here

1st - Evening sailing in HYC. Despite a forecast of 25-35 knots of wind we barely got the 25 knots (maybe in the gusts) so we ended up a little bit under powered with the B rig but it was interesting tuning session indeed.

1st - Sailing calendar updated

July 2013

28th - It was a great day that awaited us in Lough money today and despite this a few skippers didn’t came. Yet we had what was probably the best sailing day yet. Read it all in the full report here.

25th - Des and I met in HYC for testing one of his new top rig with a spinnaker cloth jib and main which looked a bit like a Craig Smith design but of unknown origin. It looked promising as we tested it in very light wind condition.

21st - Roundwood flying club kindly invited us for a first sail on their pond. Jeff and Des make the trip up and they were joined there by a few of the local sailors. I couldn’t make it but I hear they all had a fantastic time there and we will no doubt join them again over the next month or so.

18th - evening training in HYC and it was a much better experience then our previous attempt as the weather was for top rig and much warmer. Tony Noonan from Roundwood joined us and we had a great evening sailng.

May 2013

23rd - We sailed this evening in HYC - though not for too long as the cold wind, rain and increasing wind felt more like winter than spring, never mind summer. Yet we went out in our B rig in what was probably 28 knots of wind and it was fun as the waves started to build up. Next time hopefully it will be warmer !

18th - I checked out a new lough near Downpatrick that Brian found which is fantastic, weed free, big enough, few options for launching and clear water, Brian is trying to organise an event there in the next few weekend. Can you go on the forum to register your interest in going so we can set a date. Thank you

14th - Results, pictures and videos of the recent French National Championships - Well done Olivier ! Have a look at the videos they’re very instructive.

13th - Full report on our trip to the Scottish District naional championships

8th - Gilbert (IRL41) and Brian (IRL99) will be flying the Irish colours at the 2013 IOM Scottish District in Paisley this Sunday

April 2013

29th - Ian Vickers V8 beats World Champion Brad and his Britpop at the 2013 US IOM National at pier 80 in Oracle base. Surprise Surprise as Ian works there in the OR team for the up coming AC Cup - yes it is possible to beat Brad, Ian did it ;-) Full results here

28th - I am in talk with a few clubs re championships regattas at the moment.

27th - Brian is in talk with Belfast CC re the use of a big pond and we hope to go up for an event there once the approval is received

25th - Spring series coming at an end soon - time for the championship regattas coming up - keep checking as we will post training days few days in advance.

March 2013

Spring series are under way

February 2013

25th - Talks are underway for the Celtic Trophy and a new venue for sailing in the Dublin area

24th - Racing day in HYC for the last race of the frostbite series - full report, pictures & videos here

January 2013

28th - Full results of the HYC Early Bird Regatta now live

27th - Results, race report and pictures of HYC frostbite day 2 now available

- Brian O’Neill and others sailed in EDYC yesterday to try new keels and tuning.

26th - Gallery updated with new photos of the Early Bird Regatta.

23rd - A further article was published on the EDYC website : here

      - Carrickfergus website is now up and running. Discover it here - well worth a visit

      - want to share knowledge of model boats (any boat) go visit voile-RC now in English

20th - a new IOM boat will shortly make its journey to Ireland - a great new Goth MX

18th - IOM makes the news in afloat and Yachts & Yachting thanks to Brian.

17th - Howth YC friendly early bird regatta report, pictures and results can be found in the results section or here

17th - Day 1 of the HYC fortbite series can be found in the results section and here

3rd - I put together a one-pager to help understand some of the key changes to Appendix E of the new rules

2nd - The Racing Rules of Sailing or RRS have changed to a new version 2013-2016. I would recommend you get familiar with the changes (Appendix E) - you can check them at www.sailing.org or here

1st - Proposed Calendar draft v1 now live - review and let me know

December 2012

31st - Wishing all our IOM sailors a windy and happy new year 2013.

29th - Outing in HYC from the Dublin fleet. B rig condition in fluky shifty winds despite 40-53 knots forecasted. Nonetheless it was good fun. A bit of tuning and we went for few races and all the boats were pretty matched despite some pointing higher while others were slightly faster. Gilbert with his V6 had a slight edge winning most races but never by a long shot. Fergal and Des won a few races too. This was followed by a nice warm soup and sandwich to warm us up after a nice day sailing.

16th - Trip to NI went well. Sailing was good but I had better. The rake on my new A rig was wrong and the boat was not balanced, one spreader broke so I went down to B rig. At a disadvantage first this was no so after the break. And what a break - nice homemade bolognese - Thanks to our cook Brian ;-) On the B rig it was different as I enjoyed the big waves and stronger wind which was truly enjoyable downwind with some phenomenal surfs.

15th - I’ll be travelling up to NI tomorrow to sail with our friends there - will keep you posted.

13th - Update on the for sale page

12th - Update on IOM designs page

November 2012

16th - New article about Lipo batteries now available on our technical section

15th - New Hitec waterproof servo now available. Find out more in our technical section

October 2012

28th - Great sailing today with 3 of us sailing for a few hours in 17-25 knots of wind. In these shifty conditions Jeff managed to pull away from Fergal and Gilbert who battle closely for 2nd place. Though Jeff didn’t have that much of a speed advantage clear wind, good setting and perfect boat handling made the difference. A great sailing day.

26th - We are sailing this Sunday in HYC any takers ? Jeff, Fergal and Gilbert confirmed so far. Let me know by email.

13th - Brian is representing Ireland at the Ayr Bay Model Yacht Club in Scotland today - we wish him bon vent.

10th - We now have a contact with Avon Ri and we’re planning a visit there to see the potential to organise events there. The big plus is that our Northern Fleet would be happy to travel down to sail with us and it should also cut travel time for those of our Southern Fleet who want to come and join us so it could be a nice central location. More to come...

September 2012

27th - Talks about a Celtic Trophy between Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland have started. Any ideas, suggestions welcome to make this Challenge a great one.

24th - Brilliant results for Jeff on the Saturday finishing 6th / 28 overall with 3 former World Champions ahead of him.

18th - Jeff is going to the Eastbourne IOM Ranking event in the UK this weekend and we wish him Bon vent.

16th - To all of you who have an IOM boat but are not using it. Why not advertise it on the site as we have people who are interested in a start up boat or to upgrade theirs.

14th - During the first weekend of September we had our first Ulsters championships with few skippers coming over from the UK. Full race report and a few photos on the dedicated page here. Thanks to Brian and others who participated to make it a fantastic first event. Well done.

July 2012

30th - Quite a few new boats are coming out. Ian Vickers new V8 (www.vickersiom.com), very narrow with promising results in Australia and New Zealand, Craig Smith new one too, a Spanish F8

29th - Site of the European Championships can be found here. Entries to be submitted by 17th August.

Jeff is awaiting his new Britpop - I’m finishing to build a new top rig, reverting back to the old trusty stick 12.7mm groovy and Des is making more progress with his Reggae and may surprise us with a new SKA from Brad G.

May 2012

7th - sailing in HYC. Pics to come soon. Wind was light 5-8 knots but it was dry so can’t complain. I managed to up the performance of my V6 to match Jeff’s speed whilst Des was trying out new sails.

April 2012

19th - Small sample of pictures (over 500) of the recent Tricastin Cup in France here. Great close up on some of the new designs.

17th - Review of the list of RC boat parts & fitting - see our links pages

6th - more update on the boat builder page (part of the links pages)

4th - 2013 IOM Worlds awarded to the Israel IOM NCA.

3rd - Report and Pictures of Brian and Don at their first regatta, the Paisley Open Regatta here.

2nd - update of various IOM NCA website links from our links page.

March 2012

25th - Don & Brian from our Northen fleet will be racing at the Paisley Open in the UK - this is their first regatta in IOM so we wish them the best - report & pictures to follow.

11th - the usual suspects of the Dublin fleet met again and once again Jeff was unbeatable, winning all the races we did. With Gilbert collecting all the seconds and Des thirds.  Fergal had the pace but didn’t managed to finish any race due to electrical issues, loosing control intermittently through the afternoon, frustrating !

February 2012

25th - 4 of us turned up for a great sailing session. Jeff’s new Obsession is showing his fast pace, dominating the whole afternoon, well prepared, well tuned and well sailed too. Great to see Jeff back on top !

Next sailing session due this Saturday 25th in HYC at 13:00 - anyone welcome.

Sailing sessions are starting again. Des, Fergal and Jeff went out last Sunday afternoon.

January 2012

Sailing today 29th is cancelled to due bad weather !!!

A few training sessions have taken place in HYC for our Dublin fleet.

December 2011

Wishing all each and all of you RC sailor a Merry Christmas and a great new year. Thanks to all the visitors to our site and keep visiting our site as new update will come in the new year.

Some Minor site updates

November 2011

Calendar of event now updated for the Dublin fleet here

Volvo Ocean Racers train on slightly smaller boats - check it out here

October 2011

Apologies to all our visitors as my laptop crashed and I lost a lot of data and my access to my site. I am now back up and running and will shortly update the site with updates in our class. Keep in touch

August 2011

I am working on creating the calendar for the winter series - I’ll publish the date soon.

July 2011

The First Reggae is in the hands of Des who’s been working on improving the hull and rigs with the bulb now at the right angle it should go even faster then her maiden voyage.

Reggae No 2 is almost finish and will be with Des in a few days.

The Reggae is a Brad Gibson design that didn’t go to production but our aim is to have an affordable boat that is competitive for people who want to start who will be able to on a budget. Hence why we want to test 2 in competitions to assess their true performance.

May - June 2011

Work started on the build of 2 more Reggae with different fibre cloth and some modification to the deck layout based on the learning from the test boat.

John Morehead & Jeff Kay make the trip over to the IOM World Championships in West Kirby which saw UK Peter Stollery win, beating his boat designer Brad on a sistership - the Britpop see video and report on our dedicated page

April 2011

18th - Results and report from the 2011 Southcoast Championships now available here.

17th - for sale section updated

3rd - training in Howth YC with the first trial of the new Reggae designed by Brad Gibson and built by Gerry. More to do but great promises. Des was lucky to have his Disco still floating when he discovered a bit crack on his keelbox after trying a different keel. And Gilbert got frustrated with his slim mast.

2nd - Tricastin Cup is France annual open championships organised in the Drome by the same club and organisers of last’s year’s European Champs. Held from the 23 - 25th April. Entry form and NOR available in the Documents

March 2011

March Press release from the IRSA here

30th - Leinster’s IOM Championships in Malahide YC. It was great to test new waters and with the support of MYC it was easier so Thank you to MYC for your support. With winds in excess of 30 knots at time it was another challenging regatta. Results here

February 2011

27th - Leinster’s championships in MYC. Result and pics to follow soon. Low water made it a bit difficult to launch and retrieve but with wind from 15-27 knots the decision of B or C rig was not easy resulting in most people starting in B rig with Fergal in C which worked for him but then he changed down as the wind calmed down.

13th - Great news ! A certain red Isis2 has finally been recovered from the abyss with only minor damage to the rig thanks to an ingenious rig made for specifically to find the Isis.

6th - Training day in Malahide. Thank you to Martin & Malahide Yacht Club for welcoming us today. With wind ranging from 37 to 43 knots it was extreme sailing today. No racing as a result of the extreme conditions but we did sail on this day which was definitely our toughest conditions yet. And it was fantastic !!!

November 2010

21st - Training day in HYC successful. It was B rig condition - perfect conditions for Gilbert, testing his new B rig with Spindrift sails, Des also tested a new keel with longer bulb which seemed to work better in the chop.

15th - Despite adverse weather condition the Southcoast championships went ahead and it happen to be the closest event yet with top 4 skippers separated by only 2 points. Full report and results here

October 2010

29th - Brad Gibson wins the US national.

3rd - Matic Marko is crowned 2010 European champion - Well done Matic

1st - the updated results are now available here

September 2010

29th - I managed to find a few pics of the 2010 EC in France - you can view them in the Gallery... Enjoy

28th - The Championships are well on their way and Andrew is climbing in the ranking now up to 23rd place - John is having more problems with broken gears and a bad encounter with a bad skipper who took him out of a race he was leading.

25th - The European Championships in France starts today. Pierrelatte is also the place where the French organise the Tricastin’s Cup

May 2010

31st - Zvonko Wins the UK national Championships - J.Tushingham, D.Priestley complete the podium. Full results, video, photos and reports here

26th - Olivier Cohen wins the French National Championships bringing him to the top of the French ranking. Guaranteeing him his place at the upcoming European championships

9th - First video of the photo gallery of the national now posted here - Photos courtesy of Gabrielle Morehead

April 2010

10th & 11th - National Irish IOM championships in Inniscarra Co.Cork - Go to the dedicated page here

5th - ever wanted to be on a IOM or M class boat during a race then click here and here... Enjoy

5th - PL Puthod from Italy won the Tricastin Cup in Pierrelatte (FRA) where the 2010 EU Champs will be held later this year. Olivier Cohen (first French) and 3 other French skippers made up the top 5 skippers.

March 2010

22nd - Latest race results and reports now available for the CMYC Spring series => access the page here

21st - updated results from the HYC Spring Series now available => access the page here

20th - New CMYC (Cork Model Yacht Club) website now live => access it here

3rd - Invitations to the Tricastin Cup in France have been sent and places are still available. The Tristan Cup is an international Open event organised each year at Pierrelatte. This year it will be on the 3rd to 5th of April. Pierrelatte is the location of the 2010 European Championships and so it is a great opportunity to get knowledge and experience of the place before the European. Contact me if you are interested to attend.

February 10

28th - race report and results now available for the HYC Sping Series. See it here

22nd - race report and results now available for the CMYC Winter Spring. See it here

14th - Training in howth was good despite the cold and we got a good opportunity to train on top of the no1 rig.

13th - Updated event calendar 2010 with local series and championship regattas - see it here

9th - Announcement of the national Champ now on Afloat forum. See it here

     - Updated results from the Cork Spring Series now available. See them here

7th - 33rd America’s cup kickoff is on Monday at 9am - so will it be Alinghi’s Cat or Oracle’s Tri ???

January 10

29th - Australian national are under way - report, results and pictures here

24th - IOM racing in Cork - John wins the day by a mer 1 point ahead of Andrew.

November 09

12th - NOR and SI for the National Champs are now available to download here

8th - East Coast Championships was held in Clontarf Yacht & Boat Club. Race report and results here

October 09

17th - local racing took place in Iniscara Co. Cork in light wind.

10th - Launch of our discussion forum - This is to facilitate open discussion amongst our member

September 09

11th - Photo gallery updated with the pictures of the Southcoast championships - click here to access it.

6th - Afloat forum thread on John and Andrew at the Worlds exceeds 1,840 visits. Excellent !!!

August 09

15th - Andrew  makes it a double at the 2009 South Coast Championships - read the full article

2nd - 8th August : a number of practice sailing sessions have taken place in Dublin and Cork for tuning and testing new rigs as well as gaining more on the water practice.

July 09

21th - one more boat for sale from the US - check our for sale section

20th - Andrew ‘s Azetone made her maiden voyage today in Cork. Though the weight distribution is different - and this is not a bad thing - the boat is still under weight and the first tests showed some good potential - more to come.

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