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28th May - 4th June 2011

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This year we have once again 2 Irish Skippers who will fly proudly the Irish colours at what has proven to be the most challenging international model boat event. Best model boat skippers from around the world will race to represent their country. Why most challenging event ? First of all it is a World championships so you’re guaranteed to find the world’s top model boat skippers but also because in the last couple of years the level of sailing has increased year on year and your guess as to who will win is as good as mine. There are at least ten if not more skippers who have won this event before who will be looking to add another title to their resume but also other skippers coming through the ranks. But If I was to give one name as to who I think will do it this year, it would be Brad. Time will tell...

In the meantime on behalf of the Irish Association I will “bon vent” to our two skippers: Jeff Kay (IRL43) and John Morehead (IRL77) who will start their seeding race in heat C and B respectively.
Once again this year’s World Championships has been a tough one where getting into the A or even B fleet was nothing short of simply brilliant sailing mixed with a bit of luck (that no one takes you out !)

2 of our most experienced skippers defended the Irish colours this year. Both had previous experience sailing at international events such as the European and World championships. Yet both struggle to get near the top - not a reflection of their own performance as such but it is worth reminding that the recent international events have seen an increase in level and as such no one in recent years has managed to defend their European or World title. Such is the level at the top or should we say in the top 20 at least which includes a number of former champions.

Jeff paid the price of a lack of racing time with his new Obsession and lost places with electrical issues which after fixing them he managed to find his way to B fleet.

John found himself stuck in C & D fleets missing on the top places to progress fleets - not a true reflection of his recent and past performance but it is the World championships so make a mistake and you pay a heavy price.