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Fergal Noonan has recently acquired his 2nd IOM. A blue TS2. Attracted by the performance and the high build standards of Craig’s built TS2.

Fergal’s TS2 is now adding to Des and mine and so making it the 3rd TS2 in Ireland.

It is a great news as Fergal is not even one year in the IOM to see such commitments and willingness to progress and sail at the top.

Irish wind conditions do favour boats with better performance in medium to strong winds. Furthermore the build’s standard of the TS2 are such that we can call them “dry boat” as no water gets in the hull. Excellent news for the electronic.

I also found that, if looked after, they are “easy” to sail and so more attention can be focused on the tactical choices, improving in the overall results.

Fergal’s TS2 still has the original rudder but the new parallel rudder is on its way straight from Craig. There is a bit of work to be done on the rigs and on the hull but it is in very good condition throughout.

With Fergal now campaigning a TS2 it will help us in getting betting at tuning a we won’t be able to use the excuse of a boat better in some conditions than others anymore. We’ll be sailing with the same boat. The difference will be the tuning and the tactics.

Fergal, Congratulation on your new boat. Looking forward to a good “fight” on the water with now 3 TS2.

Here a some pictures of his new TS2.
3rd TS2 in Ireland