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Irish National Class Association

There has been a number of changes for radio sailing activity in the latest rules. I will try to clarify some of the key ones below:

E 1.1 a boat that is disabled is essentially a boat that, for whatever reason, is not fully under the control of the pilot and cannot finish the race started.

E 1..2 a boat means the boat but also the person controlling it by radio sailing

E 1.3

C - a boat shall avoid a boat that is disabled if possible

D - changes to the SI can be made verbally before the warning signal of a race. They can also be put in writing when appropriate

E 2.1

A - when hailing another competitor, your hail needs to be sufficiently loud and clear for the competitor you are hailing at hears you clearly.

B - when calling the sail number of a boat for example 40 don’t say forty but call each digit ie four zero.

E 2.3 If you loose control of your boat you must clearly hail “boat (your sail no, eg four zero) out of control” so other competitors know but then you must retire. The rule says you need to hail promptly but think carefully before you do because once you hail you must retire even if you get the control of your boat.

E 2.4 aerial protection is now only required for antenna longer than 200mm so in essence if you use a 2.4Ghz system you’re exempt

E 3.1 & 3.2 Launching and control area are unrestricted if not specified in the SI

E3.7 - when the race committee calls for a boat which infringed the Black flag rule they must leave the racing area whereas before they didn’t have to.

E 4.3

A - This one is interesting as now you DON’T need to do a 360 if you touch a mark due to a boat breaking a rule in part 2 of the RRS. Before you had to regardless of whether you were at fault or not.

B - that one is bound to create hum let’s say some criticism or abuse depending on the case as one additional penalty for significant gain obtained may not be such a penalty after all.  To be followed !!!

E 6.6

F - you can seek redress if your boat became disabled and retired as a result of another breaking rules in Part 2 of RRS or by another boat nor racing.

E 6.9 you have a max of 30 min before the next heat if  you were given a redress due to your boat being damaged. I suspect this means you were successful in getting your redress as part of E 6.6 F.

E 8

B3 - when sail number is in the range of 00 to 09, it is no longer necessary to put the first 0 but you still need to keep the space to put too digits ahead of this number. In other words if your sail no is 7 you need to leave the space in front of the 7 to for 10 for example.

While there are other changes I would recommend you familiarise yourself with Appendix E. Bon vent.

Essential Sailing Rules As per RRS 2013 - 2016