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It all started with Peter Witt and Johan von Matérn discussing RC sailling in the fall

of 2003. Peter, sailor and a former RC fan of boats and cars, and Johan an expert

In RC airplanes, designer of an earlier sail boat, CAD designer and competence in working with glassfibre/epoxy. We said: Why not make a boat and a mold of our own? Said that we started planning and gathered some more friends: Per Swedberg, Christer Sandholm and Kenneth Höglund for a first planning meeting. All designs and molds are designed by Johan and Peter, i.e. deck, hull, bulb (the first). The molds were made by us working late nights during the winter of 2003/04. Later molds for the new fin, rudder, bow bumper (Peter W), rudder servo holder (Peter W) and the finbox (thanks to Johnny Billström) were made also. New molds or fin, rudder, finbox and bulb are also added designed by Bo Lindström during late 2007.

The Azetone name is taken from the acetone cleaning liquid and the reason why we call the design of this boat that name is actually a quite horrible mistake. When our molds were to be used for the first time we were 4 nervous guys standing around the molds with rubber gloves in a Per's tiny hobby room. We made all work extremely thorough but Peter by mistake took a wrong sponge to press the glassfibre cloth to the mold. The sponge had earlier been used for cleaning and contained some acetone and we were all shaken when we first saw the paint layer solve, then the PVA film layer and then the wax layers solve. What should we do now? Start all over again? No, we decided to continue as if nothing had happend and the result was a very good first hull which now is sailing well.

Unlike some of the extreme designs the Azetone is a polyvalent boat good upwind and downwind in a wide variety of wind and wave conditions.

One of the key strength of the boat is that it is suitable to anyone as you can buy one ready to sail or in various stage of finish to just the basic kit which enables you to assemble it yourself and that at a very attractive cost.

Deck layout can be tailored to what you want from all on deck to an under-deck setup with one or 2 access openings.New foils are currently being tested and the findings will be up soon. This design is proving to be a popular design in Scandinavian countries and growing in numbers in more countries worldwide and now available in Ireland.

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