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Length 2.4m

Beam 0.6m

Keel 14 Kg - draugh 0.7m

Mast 3.5m

Sail area 3.5m2

Class Maxi RC

Speed not known yet


Illbruck is a WOR80 based on off the original VOR60 which won the Volvo Ocean Race in 2001-2002


It has a fully functional genoa, GV,

kicker, cunninghman, backstay, main track and

can be fitted with a kite.

Jet Services



Length 1.6m

Beam 0.96m

No keel - draugh of 0.4m

Mast 1.8m

Sail area c1.5m2

Class none

Speed not known yet


Jet Services is a private design based on the original transatlantic catamaran Jet Services 4 which raced in the mi 80’s. It was a very successful design in its time - at the time when size didn’t matter and we could see those giant cats racing the Worlds’ oceans. This one has a jib, main and has both rudders connected in parallel.