International One Metre
Irish National Class Association
Website of the famous Brad Gibson, designer of the SC4, Disco, Reggae, SKA and Britpop
Australian design. Craig Smith & Cameron
Trevor Bamforth design
Fantastic builder and excellent price for IOM boats
Australian design. Jeff Byerley (Mirage Radio Yachts)
Pierre Gonnet builder of IOM boats
Italian design
NZL Ian Vickers designs.
SPA Spanish IOM boat builder of Vickers designs and Gibson’s Britpop
Dutch builder (Azetone, Topiko, Fraktal)
Swedish design
UK design. Graham Bantock
Company which builds the world championship design Britpop by Brad Gibson
Swedish design
UK designer - Dave Creed
German Design
Builder of Gadget + (UK)
Michael Clifton - UK based IOM builder
Siri is based in Thailand and builds a number of IOM boats but also other RC boats. Well worth checking out.
ITA Designer & builder - Builder of the IOM Goth and other RC sail boats.
Boat Designers & Architects