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2009 - 2012 updated IOM Class Rules
2009 -2012 Updated RRS
As you know the racing rules are been updated and from January 1st 2009 we will have to comply to the updated RRS 2009-20012. This also concerns us and so we recommend that you read the Appendix E which you can download here.
Also available is the version showing the changes which you can find here>>>
If you have a one meter boat in Ireland and you have not registered it yet, please do so as it’ll help us keep track of all the IOM boats in Ireland and so you can be kept up to date with the fleet activity.
Registration form
Sample registration form filled in :
Sample Registration form
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Irish National 2011

Entry form                                => will be available before the championships

Notice Of Race                        => will be available before the championships

Tricastin Cup 23-25th April 2011

Entry form                                => here

Notice Of Race                        => here