International One Metre
Irish National Class Association
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In the Dublin area we now  have 2 Series and a National Championship each year :
Our Winter Series runs early October to December
Our Spring Series runs from January to March
The National Championship is normally held in March

These events are held in Howth Yacht Club which provide us with the relatively calm water we need for racing IOM.

We have about 20 IOM sailors with a core of 10-11 who turn up at each race. This year alone we had 2 new members and 5 new boats.

We are only few  enthusiasts who are trying to grow the IOM fleet and we run several “training days” where we gather and sail, trying new  gears and tuning, exchanging ideas and knowledge.

We are in the process of creating the Irish IOM Class Association affiliated to the IOM ICNA who is the governing body for the IOM worldwide.

We are looking to hear from IOM sailors in Dublin who haven’t yet come forward to join us and all of you who are outside Dublin. We already have to members in the Wexford area who are trying to setup an IOM fleet.

We know that few people in the Waterford and Cork area have an IOM and maybe we could organise an event in the South of Ireland in an effort to help promoting the IOM activity in Ireland.

Expending the IOM activity in Ireland
If you own an IOM boat
And live outside Dublin
Please let us know