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Irish National Class Association
I want to congratulate you with your website. The set up (lay out) and the content are very crisp, down to earth, clear, useful, entertaining, promotional, I can go on for a while
Joop De Jong - Dutch IOM NCA - September 2006

From Ken Binks (UK), sent on 17th July 2005

Hey Gilbert, Took a look at the web site and I must congratulate you on such a professional presentation. Is this your occupation by any chance? Well done…
From Ralph Knowles(UK), sent on 30th June 2005

I have to give special thanks to Ralph for sending me pictures of his great work on his Mandarin and the plan of the boat which helped me in restoring a Mandarin for our first young sailor this year. So Thank you for your help Ralph.

Hello Gilbert, I enjoy your site !
From Remi Bres (France), Sent on 10th May 2005

Hello Gilbert, I enjoy your web site
From Noel Donaldson (UK), sent on 17th February 2005

I Don't know if you are responsible but that is a real well designed website.
Nick Lindsley (AUS), sent on 7th February 2005 –
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