International One Metre
Irish National Class Association
2013 HYC Frostbite Series
Howth Yacht Club

Day 1 - 13th January

Since we ran this coincided with the early bird regatta the results also count for the first day of this series. See race report of the Early bird regatta to know what happened.

Day 2 - 27th January

Windy to say the least 26-35 knots greeted us for this day 2 of the series. Fergal Noonan (HYC) with Disco, Gilbert Louis (HYC) with his V6, Jeff Kay (HYC) with his Obsession and John Morehead (RCYC) with his Cockatoo 8 were going to battle in this challenging wind condition. The first 3 races were completed in what can be defined as the top conditions for our boats with some of the strongest gusts literally flattening the boats on the water. Jeff K came on top with 3 bullets to start with with mix results for the others. First casualty was Fergal who couldn’t tack on the first beat of race 4 as he was getting close to the wall so strong was the wind at that time. And running out of water he got stuck on the wall for good. He had to get the rescue to get his boat back. Thankfully there was no damage to the boat but coming back ashore his transmitter blew off the pontoon with a strong gust into the water and that was the end of the racing for Fergal.

The racing continued and we kicked off races after races with only few minutes between races. All in all completing 11 races. Although the speed difference between the boats was not great and we all finished relatively close to each other Jeff clearly dominated the day with a full house of bullets, winning all 11 races. Leaving Gilbert and John battling for the other 2 places. Tough Jeff was not always in the lead he managed somehow to get into the lead before the finishing line. Fair play to John for travelling up from Cork for the day, Des for coming and becoming our OOD. Des no excuse next time we want to see your new boat on the water ! And Fergal for taking the fantastic pictures you can see in the gallery.

Day 3 - 27th January (cancelled)

Day 4 - 25th February

A bare 1 degree in temperature was greeting us and we had a wide variety of wind strength which was forecasted to be between 8-10 knots from ENE. We started racing in light wind but enough to get our IOM moving nicely with their top rig on. But as we got ready for our second race the wind seriously picked up and it became limit to sail with our top rig but we kept going and manage 2 races in these conditions. Then it was snow that came down on us for a while and that didn’t stop us either. But that shower killed the wind which was progressively turning ESE. We almost had to change course for each race to get a proper beat and run for our usual windward leeward course. 5 races completed but it became more challenging as we started race 6 with hardy any wind at all and it was everyone race. At the end Gilbert’s V6 crossed the finishing line first in slow motion but that marked the end of that day as the wind completely disappeared.

It was an interesting day with Des testing out his new boat in light wind and after the promising success in B rig the week before the hopes were high. Gilbert was testing his new top rig with his preferred stiff 12.7mm groovy mast. After a disastrous first trial in East Down where he lost the jib counter weight, broke a carbon spreader, stretched the leech lines and had the mast rake wrong he completely rebuilt that rig and take 2 delivered completely different results with great speed and power in those light wind, enabling him to win 5 out of the 6 races, losing one on the last beat after getting caught in a wind hole enabling Fergal to catch him up and was followed by a good battle to the finish that Fergal won after marking every attack that Gilbert made in his attempt to regain the lead.

Des boat was lacking speed but after tuning he was closer to us, showing potential but its lack of volume in the bow section slowed him down somehow to challenge for the lead. Not an easy thing to fix so for now it looks like Des will be reverting back to his Reggae for now. We only managed 6 out of the scheduled 12 races due to the lack of wind but it was still an informative session which was followed by a well deserving pannini in the club to watch the kick off of Ireland vs Scotland 6 nations match.

Overall Gilbert takes home that first mini series but mainly due to Jeff missing 2 of the racing day cos we have no doubt that he has the speed with his obsession but he also has a britpop in preparation which will be difficult to beat judging by the results of that boat, and Jeff is no novice in helming either so one to watch out for !!!

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it