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Irish One Metre is growing
The Irish One Metre Fleet is growing and the good news is that it is happening outside of Dublin. Yes we are beginning to become a proper national association as a fleet is starting in Cork. Most likely part of the Royal Cork Yacht Club to be accurate.

Andrew Crosby is the first One Metre skipper there. Andrew recently contacted me about the boat, the fleet and who we are. We met and I showed Andrew my boat and gave him advices.

And yesterday, 3rd March Andrew bought Fergal’s Errica. But this is not all. Andrew also has someone else from Cork who’s interested and so we may very well have a second One metre there very soon.

This is an important development for the Irish One metre as for the first time we can aim to have races outside of Dublin, but also a local fleet starting in Cork. We already have Paddy and Ollie in Wexford, the Dublin fleet and now  Cork.

On behalf of the Irish International One Metre National Class Association I welcome you and anyone in Cork joining you to the fleet.

Andrew is not new to sailing or model boat, but rather the steamy ones... But he’s new to One Metre sailing so any help you can provide will be welcome I’m sure.

I would also like to take this opportunity to invite any other One Metre owner to let themselves known to us so we can keep you informed of any development and activity in the fleet.

And to close this article I would like to point out that Andrew and most likely his friend will be joining us at our National on 2nd April. I am glad to see this event is becoming a true National Championship.

Gilbert Louis
March 2006