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2011 IOM Leinster Championships
Malahide Co. Dublin


Second time in Malahide YC and for the second time wind was no issue - in fact we probably could have done with a little bit less. The first time we were there quite a few skippers experience breakage and it seems the lessons from our first outing there were learned by quite a few of the skippers as we had less breakage this time round.


Once again the Malahide YC opened us their door, welcoming us to their club and clubhouse where we could assemble our gear and rig up our boats in the shelter of the club. Outside upwards of 25 knots was awaiting us. Most of us banking on the fact that this wind was to drop down decided to opt for the middle rig. Others decided to go for safety with the hope somewhere that the wind was if anything going up rendering their boat more manoeuvrable in stronger wind and was could be described as formed seas for our one metres.


With this wind we opted for our usual tactical course of windward - leeward course with the start/finish in the middle of the beat.

2 minutes gun sounded and all were checking the course to decide on the side to go to. And off we went. The beat was ok but as we rounded the mark the boats accelerated, surfing the wave and crashing in the wave ahead. With some consequence for some as they nose dived in the wave, ending up doing Chinese jibes and loosing grounds on others.


All in all we managed to get the racing going and it was spectacular to see these boats surfing the waves, and battling it out on the beat, only to go down wind again, trying to stay in control of the surf to gain speed but always at risk of loosing it.


Then it was early afternoon and a squall was forming as the horizon became white with heavy rain we decided that this was a sign for us to stop, gather our boats and call it a day.


Again we would like to thank MYC for welcoming us to their club, making a rescue boat available to us. But also all the competitors including John, Oscar, Alan and Tony who came from Cork.  


Gilbert Louis

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