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While on holidays back home in Brittany - France I went racing for the first time ever at an IOM racing in Nantes with the French.


It was my first time racing in home waters against my fellow French skippers and I was really looking forward to that event. One reason was that I wanted to see how I compare to the French skippers. And the elements were not to make it easy for me in fact the wind conditions could not be for the worst for my TS2. Really light and flucky conditions were favoured by narrow boats compared to my old trusty wide beam TS2.


Not knowing what to expect I had set myself the goal of staying in the A fleet. I quickly found myself in trouble as the little wind we had before we started seemed to have vanished as we were in the middle of our first race. And despite my best effort I didn’t made it to the A fleet., missing the cut by one place. But I redeemed myself later as I finished in the top 4 and progressed to the A fleet then.


Despite a few hicups the rest of the day I managed to stay most of the time in the A fleet and each time I got relegated to the B fleet I managed to finish in the top 4 to earn my place back in A.


I even managed to challenge for the top place at times but never managed to stay there till the end. Yet each time the wind showed up I could show my potential and challenge for top spot.


At the end I finished 5th out of 21 boats and in those conditions I was pretty happy about my result. The TS2 is not dead yet and despite its age (mine is now 10 years old) if properly maintained, tuned and sailed she can be up there with the best.

Gilbert IRL41 racing in Nantes - September 08