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Race report


Gale force wind and heavy showers welcomed our skippers on this not so fine day of April. I guess one could say a real Irish weather... Anyway if the wind and waves were too rough outside we managed to start the championships by setting the course in the most sheltered part of Howth harbour until the mid race break.


Most skippers came out with the C rig setup but quickly found the condition in this part of the harbour too calm for the C set and quickly changed up to B. We were sorry to see Jeff retiring early with a bad back. Andrew Crosbie one of the new Cork skipper suffered with quite few electronic issues with his new kit. But thanks to Jeff who helped him he managed to race most of the races of the second half. While John the second new Cork skipper managed to win 2 races on a row before the break.


Gilbert took an early lead with 4 bullets setting his intention to get to the top of the podium. But it was not with a fight by other sailors. Fergal, Oliver and Des closely following behind.


During the mid race break as the wind eased off we move the racing area to our usual spot at the end of the marina where we get direct wind and so offers for better racing and more tactical options to all skippers. Here again Gilbert showed his intention to win by winning the first 4 races of the afternoon. Des enjoyed a better second half and was working his way up the ranking.


While few courageous skippers tried their chances with the top rig it showed to be too much when a sever gust came through the fleet half way through one race and almost wiped out all the boats. We almost lost one as Noel’s boat was dangerously sinking slowly before being rescued.


But despite a far but perfect day we had 10 courageous skippers who came to race. It was also probably one of the best NATIONAL champ as we had skippers from Cork, Wexford, Dublin and even from the UK. It was a pleasure to have you all racing with us and we hope that all of you had a great day and we’re looking forward to see you all next year.

2006 National Irish IOM Championships
2nd April - HYC