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Irish National Class Association
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News for 2006
Dates for the spring series have been confirmed. Our 2006 One Metre date has also been confirmed for the 2nd April in Howth Yacht Club.
Currently assessing the activities for the Summer.

As a small fleet we are doing well. We have a good presence in Howth Yacht Club but we need more skippers to make the racing more attractive and for all to learn and improve. So Any ideas are welcome.
We currently have :
- the website
- since the Winter Series 05 we sail from within the marina
- we typically have a good presence at HYC Open day
- we managed to have an article in the AFLOAT magazine last year
- we have flyers ready for anyone interested
- we have our results and pic after each racing day on the HYC website

Jeff got his new Disco back from Australia IRL43
Neil is still waiting on his new TS2 from Australia
Gilbert is also waiting on his new Cockatoo 2 from Australia
We have 2 boats for sale

The Association
Since September 05 we have applied and completed the requirements to become a formal National Class Association (NCA) and we can call ourselves as such.

The Skippers
Jaimie Blandford has joined us last year and he is still in his first sailing year with the fleet. So welcome Jaimie.