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Paisley IOM Open Regatta - March 2012

Brian O’Neill and Don Howes from East Down YC made the trip over to Paisley Model Yacht club for their Open Regatta in March 2012. Nothing extraordinary I hear you saying - what you don’t know is that this regatta is their first IOM regatta as they are both new to the IOM class. So I pull my hat to them as it is not easy that early in a new class to make attend the first regatta but to make it at an away event outside the country that is determination - so regardless of how they both did I can only admire their determination - new energy we need in the class !

After 10 races completed it was time to call it a day. No doubt Brian and Don probably felt they had accomplished something they should be proud of . They had ticked that box, completed that first regatta in what is still pretty all new to them !!!

On behalf of the Irish NCA I said fair play to both of you and well done for this - no doubt you’ve learnt bucket loads in that day !!!

Now to business... 17 skippers competed for top places. Most of the other skippers already seasoned IOM skippers. The race officials decided to split the fleet into 2 fleets with a seeding race to decide them. The race course was set as a triangle allowing for a mix of beats, reaches, and runs. Though light the wind varied in strength through the day making the tuning of the boat key to optimum performance, something Brian and Don would be quite new to. Though not new to boat tuning in general but they lack the IOM hands on experience. As expected they both spend time in the B fleet but with the fantastic support from other skippers they worked their way up the B fleet to finish the day in the A fleet. A great achievement in itself.

I know what you’re thinking right now... Yeah ok but where did they finish ???

Well does it really matter ? Not really but here it comes anyway Brian finished a fantastic 8th place and Don 15th. Not bad at all !