International One Metre
Irish National Class Association

A pre-race briefing will be organised prior to the start of the races and as per necessary during the event by the race officer. The first briefing will explain the basic race managements procedures of the day (ie course, time, etc...)

Frequency Check

Prior to switching your transmitter on and to avoid damages, you should check with the race officer that you are not conflicting with any other RC Sailor’s frequency. It is also good practice to check with other RC Sailors present during training days.

Starting Sequence

We normally give 2 minutes for the starting preparation at club events

Then 1 minute and then a countdown from 10 seconds to the start

We don’t use any flag as per normal sailing races but the race officer hails the above times.

Boat Maintenance

You will be warn prior to a pause between races and its duration. That time can be use at your convenience to fix, adjust, repair, change parts of the boat. Should you need to bring your boat back in the pick up area to proceed with any of the above action during a race, you will be marked as DNF and you can’t rejoin the current race.


We have a rescue boat at our service in HYC should a boat become “lost” (out of control / range) but make sure you have adequate buancy-aid. Most race organisers will have rescue teams on stand-by, just ask them to pick your boat for you.

Result Abbreviations

DNC Did Not Compete (the boat / skipper did not come to the start area)

DNS Did Not Start (the boat / skipper came to the start area but did not start the race)

DNF Did Not Finish (the boat / skipper started the race but did not finish it)

OCS On the Course Side (the boat and/or any part of crew and/or appendices were on the  course side prior to the start of the race)

DSQ Disqualified (further to a race incident the boat / skipper is disqualified for the specified  race)

DND Do Not Discard (that race cannot be discarded for this event)

On Course Side

Should any part of your boat be on the course side (triangle formed by both ends of the starting line and the weather mark) within 1 minute of the start your sail number will be called at the start of the race and you must consequently cross the starting line again by rounding any ends of the start line. Failing to do so will result in scoring OCS for that race.

Race Management As per RRS
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