International One Metre
Irish National Class Association
UK - High performance sails at a great price.
NZL - High performance IOM sails
AUS - hIgh performance sails (World Champion 2007)
NZL - High performance IOM sails
UK - Trevor Bamforth high Performance sails
UK - High performance IOM sails
UK - High performance IOM sails & various RC parts too.
Most boat builders do sell their own rigs and sails so check with them too !!
Simply the best sailwinch around. They 280 series is perfect for our IOM boats whilst their 380 is perfectly suited for bigger RC boats
Radio Yacht Supplier Australia -  you can find a lot of parts in one place.
Pierre Gonnet is a French model boat provider. From boats to fittings and everything else.
US based they build superb custom boat & keel bags with your sail no and now they even do Trani cover.
UK - Provider for all accessories of  IOM boats. Also design and build high performance boats like Italico, Ikon and Kite.
UK - Excellent for all the electronics. They are the sole provider for the new Hitec Digital arm winch. They also make a great variety of battery packs and various other bits &pieces . And they are very obliging.
ITA - Italian provider of various RC boat parts including fittings, sails and a new winch
RC Parts & Accessories
Sails & Accessories