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This is a first in the recent history of Irish One Metre that we had an event outside Dublin. It is definitely a clear sign that the fleet is not only growing but also becoming more national.

Only Fergal and Gilbert made the trip down to Crosshaven that day and it was a pleasant drive down with very little traffic and despite few showers during the drive back up to Dublin we made it in good time too.

Andrew and John had it well organised and 2  boats ready to take us outside of the river to race in a more shallower but less tidal area. We had 7 boats in total to start the racing which was our now regular windward lourd course with the start/finish in the middle.

Since this champ was created with 2 objectives in mind : 1) enjoy a good day racing and  2) do some promotional activities for the class the day definitely achieved both. To that extend Gilbert brought down 3 boats : his TS2, Kevin’s SC4 and his new Vapour as Andrew and John had skippers lined up for to race them.

The first casualty was the ericca with a broken winch. There were no other retirements, just the regular breakage/issues that were fixed.

The first few races were done outside the harbour in a more sheltered part of the estuary and with less current. It was also a first to race our boats from motor yachts. Gilbert showed early potential with crossing the line first on the first race but got cought up at the pin end and ended up scoring 4. But managed to win the next 3 races. The vapour showing great pace.

With some serious wind shift nothing was done until that finish line was crossed which gave some regular position swap between boats. Fergal slowly ramped up to the pace and also won few races,so did Andrew and John. All in all a good spread in the results.

Part two of the racing was done in front of the RCYC club house in full view of all the other sailors who competed in their own class earlier in the day. It proven to be a great show as most of us switched back to the top rig but with some good gusts most of us seemed very keen in showing to the audience how the underside of our boats looks like by some artistic nose diving manoeuvres.

But at the end it was Gilbert Louis with his new Vapour who won the champ and who brought home the trophy and what an original trophy it is ... A one metre stick in wood and alloy engraved... Beautiful !!! Closely followed by John, Fergal and Andrew.

And the good news is that 2 new skippers will very shortly be joining the Cork fleet. Our little fleet is growing...

My final words go to Andrew and John for organising such a great event and also to Chris who made his boat available to us and who is joining the fleet having bought Keving’s SC4- So thank you to you all.


2006 Southcoast Irish IOM Championships
27th August - RCYC