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On behalf of the Irish IOM Association I would like to thank RCYC for

welcoming us, John and Andrew for organising it, Dermot O’flynn

assisted by Brendan Dwyer as our Race officers, Jim Shortland for the fantastic pictures. Not to forget Jeff as our Technical Advisor.


Despite having a rather poor summer that day in Cork was simply fantastic - May be a little bit too much as even the wind was shy. As we arrived in the RCYC we had a dedicated room to rig up the boats.


We took the opportunity to weight the boats fully rigged and though nobody was under the minimum of 4 Kg, some were quite a bit over as john found out. Something to look forward to John as you can only go faster with a lighter boat - something to watch at the next event... and off we went. 2 boats were organised to bring us to our racing area : an empty pontoon up river which gave us full access to our boats all day long. The wind was very light to start with and as the tide came so did the wind but it was never strong enough to get us thinking about changing down from our top rig.


Windward - leeward course was set using some mooring buoys and after a warm up race we went to complete our 12 races. It was not a TS2 weather at all so Gilbert was keen on bagging the points very early on as he could. He did so by winning the first 6 races, building a nice lead. Behind it was close. Luck was also playing part of the results as with the current came the seaweed which didn’t help some of us in through the day. But it was the same for everyone and after a well deserved lunch - thanks to Orla Crosbie for preparing the sambos we headed back for the club again but this time for our PR exercise - sailing in front of the clubhouse to promote the class and showing what we can do.


Jeff Kay who came down to give us a hand spent a fair amount of time in helping Tony in the setup of the old Ericca who started to show a good pace in the afternoon.


We pack up and awaited the prize giving - and wow pulsar watches were handed out as prizes and to our top three were : 3rd John Morehead who will be more lethal once he’s removed the extra weight worth 2 Mars bars... 2nd Andrew Crosbie who despite old sails did well. And First and unexpectedly with a TS2 Gilbert.


Once again it was not only a lovely day weatherwise but it was a very successful event thanks to all who took part - despite 2 last minutes cancellations due to technical difficulties...


There is always next year... The Trophy will back again for grab and Gilbert will be there to defend it.


Until then - good wind...

Race results

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2007 IOM Southcoast Championships
26th August - Cork RCYC