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2009 IOM Southcoast Championships
Inniscara, Co. Cork

This year and for the first time the IOM South Coast Championships were held at the Inniscara sailing club in co. Cork.

Thank you to :

- Inniscara sailing club for welcoming us to their club and sailing area

- John and Andrew for organising the event

- Alan Dwyer for making the marks

- Barry Leach for providing the rescue

- Chris Bruen for offering his services as race officer

- Andrew Crosbie for providing the prizes

- all the competitors for turning up and make this a great event

- those who lovingly prepared a lovely lunch with sandwiches, cakes, coffee/tea at the break which really added to an already great day.


Overcast with sunny spells and one shower with light to medium wind were the conditions we had and few of us including myself got caught up  with either no cap or sun cream and we paid the price !!!


A  nice drive along the river brought us to the sailing club passed the ESB power plant. A  vast sailing area welcomed us. After parking on the grass next the bank where we were going to sail we rigged up our boats and got ready to sail after some tuning time on the water.


The course was our typical windward, offset, and leeward mark with the start/finish in the middle of the leg.


4 sets of 4 races were scheduled with a break between each set. We had 10 competitors with 2 of them sailing with us for the first time so welcome to you Derry and Barry. Unfortunately for Derry the sailwinch packed up after some practice time on the water and he kindly looked after rescue when needed.


Andrew was determined to win this event as Gilbert had already won the trophy for the first 2 years, Andrew wanted to repeat his last year win and equal Gilbert with 2 wins. And he showed his intentions very clearly, winning the first 5 races. Whilst Gilbert took a gamble on the wind to pick up and started with his Inter rig when everyone else started with their top rig. But he switched back to his top rig to finish the second set of 4 races. But after the mid day break Gilbert did it again, starting with his B rig but this time a lot of others did follow suit as the wind had increased and it was clearly the right rig to use. The remaining skippers who remained a bit longer with their top rig eventually changed down to their B rig as they were struggling in the increasing wind.


Top positions were mainly shared between Andrew who won 7 races, Gilbert managed to improve to win 4 races, Jeff won 3 and John won 2 but behind the battle was fierce and it was anybody’s guess as to who would come on top of the chasing pack.


Some skippers experienced tuning problems and even breakage at times but nothing big and nothing that couldn’t be fixed in a few minutes.


We managed to race all our scheduled number of races and finished the day at c 17:00 allowing time for those who travelled to hit the road quickly and get home in a reasonable hour.


This was another great event and we look forward to the next one in mid October. Where no doubt John will be racing hard to defend his national title.


See you all soon.                                                                                                                                    Gilbert

Race Results here

Photos of the racing and skippers here