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Irish National Class Association
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2011 IOM Southcoast Championships
Inniscara, Co. Cork


Just 5 boats turned up for the Southern championships. Despite the fickle wind which was predominantly Northerly, race officer Richard Leonard delivered the goods and ensured that those present had exciting racing and that the courses adapted to the conditions with downwind starts on many occasions. The first half saw Alan Dwyer in great form with the TS2 revelling in the light conditions despite having such a huge wetted surface area! Impeccable starts under way ensured Alan got away with a clean set of heels. Andrew nevertheless had 4 wins out of the 1st 8 races before a badly needed lunch break took place. In the afternoon, the wind began to shift a little more and Alan started the second set of races with a win. John made a mistake whilst leading at the weather mark which dropped him from 1st to 4th once he eventually unwound himself…a costly error. Tony got a fine win in race 13 with Alan second and des 3rd.

The racing was close and well behaved and congrats to Andrew with a fine win which meant the 1metre long trophy is back over his fireplace. The repairs to the rib carried out the previous week and finished off by the professional himself Tony Gay held up well and ensure a safe dry season for all ahead. Many thanks to support crew Ally and Colin and those who toiled ensuring plenty of nosh was to hand.


John Morehead

Race Results here