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Jan 9th - Day 1

In spite of the heavy wind and scattered showers we managed to kick off the 2005 IOM Spring Series as scheduled. However it happened to be the poorest turn out ever with only 3 boats racing. Nevertheless the racing was close and full of action with some serious gusts pushing our boats to the limit of the B rig. The equipment was also pushed and it happened to be too much for Des (IRL185) jib pivot which snapped on the third race. Our OOD for the day came all the way from Boston-USA, an IOM skipper who came to see us while been in Ireland for few days.


Jan 23rd - Day 2

Clear and clod morning was awaiting us on that 2nd day racing. Better turn out with 6 boats and another great day racing. The three TS2 were battling hard for places. Nothing was decided until the finishing line was crossed and I think that we may need to think of getting photo line finish equipment like they use in horse racing, so close it gets. I think all skippers enjoy the day with great racing and 4 of the 6 boats won at least one race. No more errors allowed. Seaweed stuck in the keel or touching a mark or doing a penalty and you’ll spend the rest of the race trying to catch up.


Jan 30th - Day 3

Clear day with mid top rig conditions were pretty good for the day. Once again 6 boats turned up. Today it was TS2 and Blackmagick Sails day. Gilbert won 6 of the 8 races. Typically 2 laps per race we managed to sail our first few race quickly and decided to race the last race with 4 laps, bringing some very good racing. After a poor start of the day for Fergal, with the help of few other his results improved . Which shows the need to be here early for a bit of tuning. Thing that Kevin is still struggling with. Next week I’ll be doing a collection for Kevin to buy him a clock with a very LOUD alarm to get him up in plenty of time to be ready for the first races !!! - Overall another great day racing.


Day 4 & 5


Cancelled. Once due to gale force wind so we ended up in the clubhouse for lunch. The second cancellation was due to too many people away and for the 4 that turned up 3 had gear failure : Des’s rudder rod connection to the rudder arm broke, and the winch of Johnathan and Gerry packed up before race one. So after Des managed to fix his broken rudder rod connection, Des and I got a good training session, trying out few settings...


March 13th - Day 6

Another poor turnout with only 4 boats. Jeff had a good excuse has he was representing Ireland at a ranking event in the UK. Jonathan was awaiting his new winch and Kevin was surely more concentrating in getting to the bottom of those slopes somewhere in some mountains... As for Neil, he is still waiting for his new TS2. Nevertheless after 2 racing days cancelled we were decided to have some good racing and we did. 3 TS2 and Ger’s kite. Well it was close and each race brought it share of surprise. Nothing was sure till the finishing line was crossed. Places kept on changing throughout the legs. Fergal’s boat was pointing high, closely followed by Des’ TS2 whereas I was more setup for speed. Both Fergal and Des often getting to the weather mark first I usually gained downwind. We had nothing special but a great racing day and good tuning exercise for TS2 owners. Pitty we were so few though...


March 13th - Day 6

After Jeff successfully competing in the UK at a recent ranking event he was there to compete with the “TS2 clan” Fergal Noonan, Des Dywer and your servitor. In the light wind Jeff just pulled away, leaving the 3 TS2 to fight for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. Than as the wind picked up a bit Des and I managed to get few wins. Fergal was not left behind and won the 7th race. From the 3rd race onwards we had to use one of the channel marker as our lourd mark drifted out leaving us with a starting line and a weather mark only. Again not one boat dominated the day but a rather close racing where tactic and boat setup played a key role in the final results.

2005 Spring Series