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40 Races done over 5 days.
10 Discards

Race report

Day 1

Even though the racing was cancelled for the full size boats, the 28 knots of wind, the cold, the rain did nothing to stop us from kicking off the first racing day of 2006... What a day we all got drenched to the bone despite most of us wearing our sailing clothes.

It was limit for the B rig but we sailed all the 8 races on B and it got quite spectacular at times : boats not tacking when we wanted or pretty flattened by some of the strongest gusts. But the downwind legs were quite sensational with some breaching, nose diving and really good speed. It was quite good fun actually but it was helming them on the edge to keep the boat speed up and avoid any of the above artistic figures.

The 3 TS2 did dominate the day but Jaimie was really not far behind. Every day he comes out to sail he gets that bit more experience and that bit closer to the leading boats.

All in all it was our most desperate day we’ve had in years but we still got all our races done and had good fun doing them. We won’t talk about how wet we were at the end...

Day 2

What a day for racing we had. Despite a frosty morning it turned out to be brilliant conditions for the A rig. Pitty Fergal’s electrics were dead. Probably from our memorable day 1 two weeks ago where it was lashing rain and he found out that the reason for his lack of speed was a full pint of sea water in his boat. The electronics didn’t like that too much. But I’m sure he’ll be back in two weeks for Day 3.

So it was left to 5 of us to battle it. Jeff had his new boat he sailed at the Worlds and in spite of few minor trouble for Phil and Des who had to miss a race it was hot... The racing was cos our hands were rather blue with the cold !!! 3 of us won races and Jaimie kept on progressing each race getting closer.

We even had another French man “de passage” who’s racing Hobby 18 tiger in France who was watching all the races. There were even few smart comments that he was giving me some coaching in French... Pffff don’t need that to win ! A pretty long windward/lourd course worked out very well allowing for some great tactics and with the winch shifts, even allowing for few to catch up if they read the shifts properly.

Day 3

A grim morning gave way to a nice but chilly day. Nevertheless we had our usual windward lourd course but this time we used a wing mark to make it a bit different. Gilbert managed 5 wins and a second place before his electronics started to act and he had to retire early. Des, Fergal and Jaimie were left to battle it out. Win shift and tactical options making the difference as there was nothing to split them in speed. Jaimie and Fergal did have some minor problem which they quickly resolved but it did cost them one race. Jaimie is continuing to progress and again closing the gap on the pack towards the end of the race. Not helped by heavy and old sails. Only 0.5 points separate Jaimie and Fergal from the 3rd place overall. Gilbert is now clearly in the lead with 15 points lead and Des also seats comfortably in second place with a 30 points gap now established with 3rd and 4th place. A Puppeteer sailor came down to watch and may have become another member of the class... Who knows !!!

Day 4

Despite a 25 knots South Easterly wind blowing we raced with our B rig the 8 scheduled race rather quickly. That certain chill in the wind keeping us alert as we needed to in order to get the most out of the gusts. I managed to use an old B rig and main so I could race but I was missing my racing rigs performance. And this to the joy of Des and Fergal who capitalised winning 3 races each, but I was determined to show I was still there and managed to win 2. Jaimie was struggling with his B sails and hopefully the news sails will help. As usual tactics were important but boat handling was even more so as you could loose a lot of ground downwind if you had your bow pointing towards the bottom of the harbour instead of towards the mark, which resulted in some fantastic acrobatic figures at time...

Day 5

Again a full B rig day  with some mist and yet 5 skippers turned out for the final racing day of the Spring Series. The 8 races were done as per our usual course windward-lourd course of a fair distance. This allowed for some of us to come back in the battle after recovering from a mistake. The usual wind shifts and localised gusts made the day  for good and close racing. But this time Jeff was clearly superior and managed to win 5 races, and Fergal also had a good day with 3 seconds and a first. He was really quick upwind. Looks like he finally managed to crack the tuning on his B rig.

Spring Series