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Race report

Day 1
6 boats and westerly wind of 35-40 knots. Whilst there were no major breakage, John had to replace his main sheet once, Gilbert had to glue back the rudder rod, and other minor incidents. Everyone had the B rig on and although we started in the more exposed end of the marina we quickly moved to the more sheltered end where we completed 11 races all together. John and Andrew drove all the way up from Cork and so we had great racing with 4 skippers winning races. Andrew show what his ISIS speed could be and John though consistent had to give at the end due to running out of main sheet. He’ll change his main sheet post for coming races. With serious gusts blowing on the racing area combined with windshifts no races were decided till the first boat crossed that line. Also Thanks to Gerry who was our OOD for the day. At the end it was the TS2 who were showing the way with Fergal 1st and Des 3rd with Andrew and his ISIS splitting them in 2nd place.

Day 3
5 skippers came up but Jeff quickly experienced radio problem and had to pack up. Pitty cos it was ideal conditions for his Disco and to be honest I was looking forward to see how my new Vapour would have compared against the proven Disco. Nonetheless it was a fantastic day sailing. And though other class packed up due to lack of wind, it was just enough for us to get racing. And we had our 8 scheduled races done. It was top rig for all and pretty much straightaway Gilbert’s Vapour showed it’s speed in these light conditions. Gilbert ended up winning 7 of the 8 races and quite comfortably too. Behind the battle was on for the 2nd and 3rd place which were share between Fergal, Des and Jaimie. Des showed good speed at times though some bad tactical choices costed him dearly while Fergal struggle to find the pointing while keeping up the speed. Jaimie also showed speed in those light airs.

Day 2-4 were cancelled due to bad weather

Day 5
We were 5 on this beautiful Sunday morning. Sea, sun and not much wind... Nonetheless we set the course on our usual spot of the harbour. True to current fashion we set it america’s cup style : Start, weather mark and a gate for the leeward marks and back up to the weather mark for 2 laps. This proved quite interesting as skippers picked either of the gate mark. What was more interesting was the fact that on the same course we could start on either side of the line depending on where the wind came from as we had 180 degree wind shifts. All of us were on our Top A rig. In these conditions nothing was finish till the finishing line was crossed. As I found out, leading one race for the whole length, or almost as I lost to Des less than 5m to the line as I sailed into a hole of no wind. Des found some extra speed with his spinnaker cloth jib which worked very well for him as he ended up winning 3 races. Laurent another Frenchman who helmed a one metre for the first time won the first race. Jaimie was also in the battle for position.
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2007 Spring Series