International One Metre
Irish National Class Association

Normal racing rules of sailing applies. Though with some slight amendments to adapt them to the our model boats (see Appendix E). But without boring you in recommending that you read these rules here under are some basic rules you need to remember :

Avoid contact with other boats at all times

Boat astern (behind) keep clear

Boat to weather keep clear

Port boat keep clear of starboard boat

Outside boat leave water for inside boat at a mark

Play fair and by the rules (no shouting and insults)  very strict on this one

We recommend that you become familiar with the racing rules of sailing and read the detailed rules by the ISAF Racing rules 2013-2016. Most rules do apply and are common to all sailing boat racing but you will also find specific rules adapted to RC boats (Appendix E).
Rules are rules we all know them to various depth but they do exist to ensure fairness and sportive attitude. The winner is the one who will have made the most of sailing conditions with a performing boat using his/her skills and knowledge of sailing at his/her advantage.
The rules do not take any part of the fun away but rather contribute to all of us enjoying sailing and racing together.
It's all about fun so come and join us.
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The rules
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