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Since I got back from Scotland and talked to Des about Peter’s modified Tonic. Des decided to remove the dust from his Tonic. It’s an original Tonic with the carbon electronic box in the hull. I found it was such a good idea.

As the initial experience of his yellow Tonic was like the one of the Yellow submarine, Des decided to get a new bulb. So Ger obliged and built him a new bulb. Today’s first impression was that the boat sat well on the water. Not playing submarine anymore.

Des was keeping up in speed with my TS2. Lacking a bit of pointing but it’s an old rig and sail he had today so I recon that after tuning and a bit or work it should be as fast as most of us.

Ger with his home made kite and Peter also made it. So the four of us had good fun racing and tuning today. The good news is that Peter on loan from the UK is now staying until Christmas but the sad news is that he’ll probably have to go back to the UK after. We’ll miss you Peter :)

Anyway, until then Peter, Ger, Des, Fergal and myself are the summer regular at the moment and it would be great to have more joining up.

You more of you join us on the water if we were racing ? Please let me know. We need to find something for the Summer.

Anyway, we were 4 of us having fun sailing between the harbour markers. (need marks, anyone any idea ???). Typical to Howth, in shifty wind condition. The A rig was used to his full potential from hardly any wind freshening up to a good top A rig towards the end of our session. We met at 11:00 and ended our session around 13:30.

After today, Des will have to pick between his Green TS2 and his Yellow Tonic for our winter season.

I’ll be off in France until August 9th so Please continue to meet up while I’m away. The calendar is there for that.

Until I get back from my Hols in Britanny. Au revoir et bon vent.

Gilbert Louis
Tonic or not Tonic ???