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1st - The sanding.
Before starting I removed all the fittings and electronics to leave the hull bare. I then sanded the hull with wet&dry 240 sand paper. The trick here is to make sure that you remove the paint but not the primer. In some instance I pushed that little too hard and the epoxy was showing. That’s ok... As long as you don’t expose the fiberglass.
What you need here is lots of patience and delicate hands to ensure smooth sanding. To ensure perfect lines (ie not creating waves with your finger) I used a medium sponge material to do that.
The most tricky parts are the deck with all the curves. Mind you the shape of the TS2 make it easier as the curves are smoother due to the width of the hull.
2nd - The Paining.
I left the pro do it as I wouldn’t have the gears to do it, nor would I have the skills to do a great job. So thanks to Barry who after finishing to build his “Toucan Do” (see article) he kindly re-sprayed my TS2.
The paint is polyurethane with a special laquer finish to bring strength to the paint job.
After the colour and the lacquer sprayed on the hull the finishing phase starts. To get a perfectly smooth and shiny surface I sanded it down with 2000 wet&dry followed by a finishing rubbing compound to remove the marks of the sand paper and finished it with a special hand polish liquid to restore the shine of the lacquer.
To finish it up nicely, and as per the IOM rules, I applied the IRL41 on the hull.
3 - The colour scheme.
Well I’m French what do you expect... But I have to say that it was not my original choice but few IOM friends here suggested the idea and after a while it grew up on me.
4 - The Testing.
This is the most important aspect. I wanted a new look to my TS2 but without affecting the performance. I’ve had my answer as I have won all the races for the past 2 years with that boat.

IOM boat gets a new look

My TS2 of 1998 had its green paint job getting flaky and even had bits of the paint missing in places. So below is how I gave a new life to my TS2. (and a feel of my home country !!!)