International One Metre
Irish National Class Association

It’s purpose

How fit is your crew ? or how powerful is your winch ?

Same thing really !!! The winch in your boat needs to be smart, accurate, fast and powerful enough to hold the sails in any conditions really.

Granted it’s power is drawn from the battery pack.

Well in my 3 years of racing IOM boats I had the opportunity to race with 2 types the whirlwind Olympic winch and the RMG (model 280D). I also use the RMG 380D on my Mini40 trimaran.

The whirlwind been the standards for so many years is now obsolete and not built anymore.  So what are your other options ?

RMG Sailwinch
280ES or EF
In my view the best winch out there. And Rob is a great guy to deal with. Fast, reliable and excellent value
An alternative to the RMG but lacking the IOM sailing experience
The alternative solution is the arm winch from K-bits.
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