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Race report

Day 1

The International One Metre Winter Series 2005 have officially started on this Sunday 30th October. This year for the first time we decided to race off the marina and we all benefited from having great access to the water to put and retreive our boats, great visibility and access to clear water to rinse our boats after the racing. We are also getting more visibility to other members of HYC. After all we are a sailing class like any other and from few months now we have setup the Irish International One Metre National Class Association affiliated to the International IOM Class Association.

This year we have 2 new members from HYC who have recently joined our growing fleet. And so I would like to welcome Ian Martin and Jaimie Blandford to the class hope you'll have as much fun as we do racing our IOM boats. Our course was the usual windward-lourd course with the start/finish line in the middle which allows to get a good beat and some interesting tactical choice downwind too.

We had 6 Skippers racing today as the 7th skipper had to retire due to technical issues with his boat but he'll be back for day 2 of the Winter Series. We all rigged our medium rig, altough the wind was not as strong as outside of the harbour we still had a good wind blowing and because of its direction coming down from the hill we had some interesting wind shifts. This made up for some tactical wonders for some and disasters for others. But all in all, very good racing.

Day 2 & 3

Cancelled due to lack of wind

Day 4

A rather eventful day from the first race : Jaimie Blandford who's new this year to the fleet had the deck rail pulling out of the deck and had to retire after race one. Race 2 and 3 saw really close racing between the 3 TS2 (Australian design wide skiff design one metre boat) as places kept on changing until the finishing line. No one was dominating the day. Each race was as close as the previous.


With the Wind strengthening Fergal's (Also sail Impetuous - Cruiser 2) jib boom attachment was simply torn off it's ball baring support. He had to come in and change down to B rig (medium rig with a smaller sail area). Des Dwyer and myself still on the top rig quickly found ourselves overpowered to the point of sliding sideways on the beat as the boat was flatten by the wind. So we all changed down to B rig.


It was a lot faster and more manoeuvrable and the racing continued and after the next race Gilbert Louis's sheet attachment hook was pulled open with the sheer pressure and he was out for one race. At a later one a classic starboard - port incident with Gilbert got Fergal's main torn from the leech. He managed to sail the last few races but with great difficulties.


All in all we still managed to race the 8 scheduled races and later gathered in the club to get a hot soup down.

Day 5

It started with light wind condition but the forecast is for more wind to come so we all got ready with our A rig which we used all day despite some hairy moments towards the end of the day as more wind filled in. Jaimie had repaired his boat and was ready for racing again. Each day he comes out sailing with us I’m sure he learns something new. The only major issue to deal with through the day was the shifty conditions as it was difficult to lay a proper course. At times we had a proper beat but few minutes later that same beat was just a fetch then. Which meant one thing... Go the wrong way on the shift and you were seeing the fleet sail away in the distance. Few times this played Des as despite being in the lead quite few times Gilbert managed to catch up and overtake Des just before the line.

Ger was also out with us and his boat speed kept on improving through the day with some really good speed downwind. More practice on boat handling in these gusty shifty conditions and he’ll be up there with us if not quicker downwind !!! One to watch for sure...

Anyway on this note it was another successful season and may the wind be with all of you in 2006.

Winter Series