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Race report


Day 1

Jeff dominated this first day, winning all 6 races leaving the rest to battle of the other places. It was a blustery wind typical to B rig. Fergal and Des tried to keep the top rig on but changed down to B for race 3 but still could not get at Jeff. With his usual turbo charge speed downwind he was hard to catch. Jaimie also fought hard and got some great results too. It was a good day and fun was had by all.


Day 2

Excellent racing between the marina and the old slip, Light SW wind with plenty of shifts kept the racing very close indeed. Congratulations to Jaimie on winning his first race. Ger arrived down with his new boat, and took advantage of the racing to tune-up. We were joined by a new sailor Kevin Scott who arrived with an IOM number 1. A second new sailor will also join us in a number of weeks with a brand new Vapour.

Day 3

With a forecast for gale force wind the morning was rather pleasant and we got underway with the top rig during the warm-up but quickly had to change down to B rig to start the racing. Gilbert and Fergal kept and fighting for the lead the whole first race and it was eventually Fergal who got it at the end, winning by less than a boat length. He also asserted his intention in race 2 winning comfortably from the rest of the fleet. Despite some electrical problems Des managed to fix them and joined us for race 2 to finish 2nd and won 2 others. Jaimie’s boat was alive once again as he now sails with his new set of Blackmagick sails which made a huge difference to his boat  speed. And although he didn’t win races he was certainly in the fight during all the races and got 2 second places in the process. It’s great to see people progressing. Deryck joined us with his “hot off the box” Vapour - Yes a second Vapour in the fleet - and that day was not really about racing but rather trying it out with us as he faced all the typical teething issues everyone face with a brand new boat. But I’m sure he’ll be one to watch as his vapour looked quick at times. Talking about new boat, Gilbert is still finding out how to sail his new Vapour and was struggling for speed with the B rig. The problem(s) were not the boat but rather the skipper and how he tuned his boat. Time and experience is going to be key here as Jeff is clearly  the favorite this year with his new Disco. He did make it but didn’t race due to back problem but helped other skippers and shared his experience. The fight is on at the top between Fergal and Des and the narrow margin between them means any of them can win it this year and Jaimie is eating away at their lead when possible, asserting his 3rd place at least.


Day 4

What started as a nice day for sailing finished cold with gale force wind but we got our racing done and all 8 races were completed. And most amazing of all is that no skipper changed down from the top rig which was perfectly suited to the light morning breeze. But as the day went and the races it was clearly to much for our boats to cope. This resulted in some interesting figures on the water. And I saw my boat actually "capsizing" well at least the bulb coming out of the water after a rather sudden nose dive followed up by broaching sideways after an uncontrolled jibe. As someone nicely put "I'd hate to be a crew on any of these boats !!!"

Despite a late charge from Gilbert with his new boat (Vapour from New Zealand) who won 5 of the 8 races the battle continues at the top between Fergal Noonan and Des Dwyer who are still within 5 points of each other. While Jaimie Blandford has comfortably assured himself the 3rd Place. So the final day promises some more good racing.

Jeff Kay and Deryck Payne had technical problem which unabled them from finishing most races but both have promised to be back on that starting line next Sunday.

It's all still to play for the top positions and it will be done to the last day.


Day 5 and final

Between illness, family commitment, and breakages we only have 3 skippers on the starting line. So we decided to make some changes in the course to make it interesting. And instead of our windward/leeward course we had a custom made one, combining marks and harbour poles. We got the 7 races done but with only Jaimie and Fergal to race the last 2 as Gilbert’s winch decided it had enough. Fergal is taking that series breaking a 2 year victory rollon for Gilbert. Des finishes 2nd and Jaimie 3rd. On this series again it’s a TS2 affair. A good deserved break over Xmas where I’m sure quite few of us will be working on our boat to prepare it for the 2007 Spring series...

2006 Winter Series