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Irish National Class Association
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Day 1
The blistery showers and strong wind of the Saturday probably put off a few skippers and with some no show on the morning we were left with only 3 boats on the start line : the 3 TS2 designs. Gilbert has a good start winning the first 3 races. Though Fergal had the pace he didn’t point well so closing the slot helped and from that point onwards he was right with us making the remaining races close racing. We also had a guest from Australia who after the Worlds came to visit family in Ireland and took the opportunity to join us that day - he was quick and it was great to have a 4th boat with us that day. His black Disco had the pace as he showed us by leading us in a few races. John it was a pleasure to have you with us that day - safe journey home.

Day 2
3 skippers from RCYC made the trip up to Dublin for this second day and 3 from Dublin which made up the 6 boats on the starting line. The racing was rather hot but the chill in the air allowed the skipper to keep their cool though the racing was close. Too close at time and I am genuinely saying this because Gilbert started it on the first race rounding up the wing mark and he GENUINELY believed he was clear astern of John’s boat but clipped his backstay bringing the two boats in a spin. Resulting in a poor results from both skippers and for Jeff and Andrew to nicely sail pass them. We also had buoy hugging, keel clipping, hooks breaking and not forgetting Jeff’s premature starts... No really Jeff we genuinely don’t need you to take that handicap !!! Des was trying out his newly acquired Disco making it the second Disco in HYC as Gilbert awaits his it’ll really be Disco fever soon in HYC.

Day 3
It was probably our coldest racing day this year. Not that the temperature was very low but that wind was simply cutting through... Anyway it was B rig for all. Richie also came down and showed some good speed though a bit rusty and cold he struggled to get the results but he’s not to be underestimated. A long course parallel to the east pier allowed for anyone to catch up but made it harder to the first to stay there and the weather mark showed to be in a tricky place as the wind had a tendency to twirl in that area. There was no steady tactics as the wind shifted enough that all skippers had to stay alert to remain in the right shift. At the end Gilbert came out with 4 wins, closely followed by 3 wins from Fergal. Though he was a hard man to beat that day as he sure had the speed and the pointing.  All promised to be there at the next race...
2007 Winter Series